Your initial consultation at the clinic will take approximately 1 hour. It is advised you wear loose fitting clothes and appropriate under garments as areas may need to be exposed for assessment purposes. Also if you have any previous x-ray and/or MRI reports you should bring these with you.

The chiropractor will firstly take a thorough detailed history of your presenting complaint and what has happened over the course of your life that may have potentially caused the ailment along with other relevant lifestyle questions.

The chiropractor will then perform a thorough physical examination including postural, gait, chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests. After the examination you will book in for a report of findings. All your information is handled with the strictest confidentiality.


On your second visit to us, your chiropractor will connect all the exam findings, including any imaging, with the details of your health history and create a tailor made treatment program to suit your needs.

• We will explain clearly and visually the findings from tests and provide a working diagnosis.
• We will explain what the problem is, what it will take to correct the problem, how long it will take and the costs involved.
• An individual plan is suggested and you decide what course of action best suits your needs.


Your first treatment will happen at the end of your report visit and this will start the procedure of correcting the primary cause of your ailment, and begin your journey to recovery and wellness.

Follow up:

Per initial action plan, follow up treatments will be scheduled as necessary. A re-examination date is set to repeat initial tests and demonstrate your improvement objectively.